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Nine-pin Bowling App seeks supporters for Windows Phone implementation!

Nine-pin Bowling is a popular sport!  The number of German Athletic and Community Nine-pin Bowling clubs exceed 200,000 members. These bowlers are sociable folks and it’s often the case that getting together for a fun evening is more important that the actual bowling. Nine-pin evenings, parties, excursions and many a merry vacation have been taken together.

Because more and more Nine-pin venues are closing, the game is falling by the wayside, and alleys with equipment are being abandoned. App developer Frank Meyer is making Nine-pins mobile, and is asking the web community Kickstarter to support him in his Nine-pins App for Windows Phone 8.


Bowling Windows Phone



  • Nine-pins app version for Windows Phone and Blackberry (optional)
  • Kickstarter Project seeks private donations for Nine-pins app
  • new April Update V 1.95 with camera panning and audience
  • free app download for the first 14 days


In the smartphone and tablet game market, Nine-pins is almost completely left out.A search for a decent Nine-pins app doesn’t lead anywhere; only to a number of more or less useful, standard bowling games. Although there are many similarities, every serious Nine-pins player knows that Bowling is a sport of its own and that they are definitely separate activities.


First Nine-Pins app in the market

Mobile Nine-pins was simply not possible until now.  Programmer Frank Meyer has taken on the theme "Mobile Nine-pins" with a successful 3D game.  After more than a year of development, the app is ready to be downloaded by many Nine-pin players with smartphones.  Through a lively exchange between players and the developer, the app quickly and steadily improved.

A new version, the big April update, is being worked on.  Breathtaking camera-panning and even a virtual audience will be included for the first time. 


Kickstarter project seeks private donations for Windows Phone edition

At least $2,000 will be raised through the Kickstarter project "Ninepin Bowling for Windows Phone", in order to bring the new version of this game to the Windows Phone 8. The money will be used for a Unity 3D Windows Phone add-one and a device to test it all.  Because there are more and more affordable smartphones on the market with Windows Phone 8, the demand for a good Nine-pin Bowling app is increasing. 

In the video on, the developer promises the timely implementation of the app for Windows Phone.  In addition, the software will be available for free download for 2 weeks in the Windows Phone Store. For the subsequent regular sale, the target price set by the maker will be between one and two US Dollars.   

If more than $5,000 are raised, a supplementary version will be available for the Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry 10 devices.  If there is a single $10,000 donation, that person will be invited to play a real game of Nine-pins with the developer. 


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