Arm Easy for Lupusec XT

Easily arm, disarm and set home-mode in your Lupusec XT

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  • Easily arm, disarm and set home-mode
  • User can be associated to only one area
  • Multiple alarm-system-devices are supported
  • Supports Lupusec XT1, XT1 Plus, XT2 Plus and XT3



The easy way to control your Lupusec XT alarm-system


Einfaches Scharf- und Unscharfschalten der Lupusec XT1, XT2 Plus und XT3. Beide Areas können unabhängig voneinander durch den Administrator aktiviert werden. Einzelne Benutzer können so bei Bedarf auf eine Area eingeschränkt werden. Zum Aktivieren einer bisher nicht genutzten Area muss das Kennwort der Anlage erneut eingegeben werden. Dies verhindert, dass nicht berechtigte App-Nutzer sich selbstständig Zugang zu einer Area verschaffen.
Easily arm, disarm and set home-mode in your Lupusec XT1, XT1 Plus, XT2 Plus or XT3. Each area can be enabled or disabled by the administrator. For security reasons, the user will be requested to enter the password again, before a disabled area can be enabled again.


Lupusec App Arm Disarm Lupus XT XT2 XT3 Arm just one area

Simple Arm Disarm Lupus Lupusec

Easy Arm App Manage Profiles

If you like this app, but do not have you own Alarm-system, we highly recommend the XT series of Lupus Electronics.


System requirements

  • iPhone 5S / iPad air or faster
  • iOS 11 or higher


Suggestions for improvements and Bug Reports

The customer is King which is why we really work hard to make "Easy Arm for Lupusec XT" the best and send you updates with great new Features! So if you find anything that we should improve, feel free to report it via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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